AA Structure in Malta

Alcoholics Anonymous arrived in Malta in 1959 brought to the island by an Irish man who had found AA working for him in Ireland before moving to Malta.

Since its formation from just one group operating in English in Strait Street Valletta Alcoholics Anonymous has grown in Malta and there are now 6 Maltese speaking groups, 3 bi-lingual groups and 8 English speaking groups.

Alcoholics Anonymous groups have just one primary purpose – to carry its message to the alcoholic that still suffers.

Each groups is autonomous and is run by its members who may form a small working committee for the running of the group. Each group is self-supporting, accepting no outside contributions and paying its own costs.

In Malta Alcoholics Anonymous has a central office, known as the General Service Officer which serves the groups by providing an informal infrastructure, Telephone Helpline, Public Information activities and organising the annual International Convention. Our services are provided by volunteer members of local Alcoholics Anonymous groups.

Alcoholics Anonymous is not organised in any formal sense, there are no governing officers, rules, regulations, fees or dues.

Delegates from Malta also take part in the Alcoholics Anonymous World Service structure.

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