About AA meetings

The easiest way to answer the question “who will be at an AA meeting ?” is to say that it is likely to be someone like you. AA members are men and women of different age groups and all types of background.

There are different types of meeting formats but in general terms there are two types of meeting:

Open Meetings:

These meetings are open to alcoholics and their families and anyone who is interested in solving a drinking problem or helping someone else to do so.There is usually one or more speakers at an open meeting who may related their experience of drinking and their interpretation of the AA programme.There maybe some announcements about local activities in AA and the treasurer will “pass the hat” to defray the costs of the meeting venue, literature and other expenses.At the end of the meeting AA Members are available to answer questions if required, and Guests are reminded that any member of AA is free to interpret the AA programme as they wish and there is no one that speaks for the group or AA as a whole.

Closed Meetings:

These meetings are for those who think, or know, that they have a drinking problem. Closed meetings enable members to relate their experience, strength and hope with each other on problems related to alcohol and to have detailed discussion on the AA programme of recovery.The treasurer will “pass the hat” just as in an Open meeting and after the meeting there is opportunity for informal discussions and questions.The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous may be mentioned in meetings as it is the heart of the AA programme of recovery.

Please see a full list of AA Meetings in Malta there are contact numbers of volunteers at those meetings if you need directions or assistance.

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Learn more about the AA programme of recovery by reading about the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.