Get help for a problem drinker

Alcoholics Anonymous in Malta aims to cooperate with professionals in healthcare, public health, education, correctional facilities and employers – read more about how Alcoholics Anonymous cooperates with professionals in Malta.

We offer different ways for you to get in contact with us – our services are provided by volunteers who have experienced the problems that happen when we lost control of our drinking.

The best way to get in contact with us is using the helpline number – it is useful if you contact us whilst with your patient or client and hand the phone to them.

The volunteers manning the helpline will be able to arrange to meet your client or patient and to arrange to take them to their first meeting. A similar service is available using the email address below.

You could also give them this printed list of the meetings that are available in Malta every day of the week.

Get Help From Alcoholics Anonymous Malta
Telephone us on 21239264
Email  us on